The Boy From Broughty Ferry The Boy From Broughty Ferry The Boy From Broughty Ferry



"Tom weaves a thrilling yarn around real events with smart writing and a riveting plot." - The Review

Fisherman, Killer, Lover, Cheat. From Drowned Lifeboat Hero To Ruthless Assassin - One Life At A Time!

When nineteen-year-old Broughty Ferry fisherman, Torry Taggart, kills a colleague in a reckless escapade while all in the local community believe him to be aboard the local lifeboat on its final, ill-fated mission, he flees to Ireland. In the village of Brakenhar, he enjoys the endless pleasures of fishing in the sea, gun-running and committing deadly terrorist atrocities. Life is good. Better than that, it's perfect. The best part of all is that Torry isn't even here. He's dead. Were he alive none of this would be possible.

But what will happen when he is discovered by a 'ghost' from his past, blackmailed into betraying his hosts and compelled to return to his home town on the 25th anniversary of his 'death' to face an indifferent mother, a lost love, a daughter he never knew he had - and a mission to assassinate the British prime minister! Will his deadly task succeed or will he find redemption in fatherhood and the fishing community of his birth? Can a dead man with a cold heart live again? Will he be allowed to?

The Boy From Broughty Ferry is raw and brutal; a story of confused relationships and suppressed emotions which explode to the surface in a thrilling finale of stunning turns and shock revelations.

“Torry's turbulent life story keeps you guessing to the end. I sure had a hard job rolling away from it. It just keeps you coming back for more.” - DT, Nebraska


Joseph T.Riach, author of personal achievement paperbacks, ebooks and mystery novels Joseph T. Riach
Born and brought up in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, 'Tom' as he is popularly known, is a lifelong entrepreneur turned author. He first penned his 'Inspirations' series of personal achievement guides to reflect his professional insights, real life experiences, personal views and fun stories, before turning his hand to novels. Tom ghost-authored a biographical adventure; then published 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?' in his own name in 2020. His fictional mystery of a rebellious lad growing up in Scotland before finding redemption in rural France became an Amazon best seller. The Boy From Broughty Ferry is also set in Scotland, and in Ireland during the time of 'the Irish Troubles'. The story features locations in England, France and in Portugal too. The latter country being Tom's home of more than 20 years, where he lives in rural tranquility with Belgian partner Erna, her three imperious cats – and no mice!


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